Kaley Warner Klemp

Authentic Leadership Training How To Create a contagious Cultural Revolution

Thriving executive teams operating at the highest level are rooted in the concepts of Authentic Leadership. Trust is the foundation for their teamwork. They align around a shared vision. They deal cleanly and directly with any issues that drain energy. They address conflict head-on. These teams shift from blaming and complaining to healthy responsibility and from defensiveness to curiosity. Their performance is remarkable and their culture positively contagious.

The Authentic Leadership Training creates this kind of team. The program builds a healthy culture within the organization.

When I work with a company, we start with the executive team. (For change to stick, it must be embraced at the top.) In a 2-day retreat, the team embraces a shared language and mode of operating. We then practice - and internalize - a set of communication and interaction tools, so everyone is on the same page and equipped for success. Repeatedly, teams emerge energized - collaborating on issues and appreciating diverse skill sets and perspectives.

Leading edge organizations want these skills shared by everyone. These companies invest in a company-wide Authentic Leadership Training. The same language and tools grow from the executive team throughout the organization. Navigating issues, addressing conflict and giving feedback become easy. Time and energy are harnessed toward achieving goals. Collaboration, creativity, loyalty and performance all skyrocket.

Sustained change takes practice. Culture takes investment. Teams committed to operating at this high level refresh these skills on a regular basis, through follow-up offsites to practice and enhance their skills. Those who want to be their best invest in executive coaching for their leaders. Contact Kaley about Authentic Leadership at your organization.